Wireless Charging AirPods Case coming in December for $69


Wireless Charging AirPods Case coming in December for $69

It's called the Boost↑Up Wireless Charging Pad (weird use of a symbol, we know), and it provides an effortless charging experience for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Well, there is no such information we have at this moment and for that, we have to wait for some official confirmation regarding the pricing of the new AirPods, a Wireless Charging Case and the replacements pricing from the giant. The company expects to start selling its own wireless charging mat next year. The only clue is that both of the $60 third-party wireless charging bases (from mophie and Belkin) that Apple has since added to its online store indicate that they both top out at 7.5 watts of power. For iPhone X specifically, iOS 11 will introduce 12 Animojis, which let you send moveable emojis that match your facial expressions.

In addition, it has a low standby current, ensuring minimal power draw when idle, and even has foreign object detection that communicates with the device, ensuring that power is only sent to compatible wireless devices. Apple's branding wizardry, price discipline and focus on richer customers set it apart when it comes to the bottom line. Wireless charging is especially useful in a car, where you can install a charging mount and have easy access to your smartphone (while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, of course).

Apple's specs page for the all three devices says they're "fast-charge capable". But like we mentioned, it'll cost you.

Think of every time you've been in a restaurant or airport while your phone is on its last leg, wishing you had a charger on hand.

4. The wireless charging isn't totally wireless.

Do I need to use wireless charging?

Too much blue light is tiring for your eyes, and can keep you awake.

The Wireless Power Consortium that develops the Qi standard was quick to call Apple's adoption a "pivotal day for wireless charging".

There's a reason that the wireless charging pads that Apple is boasting about haven't taken off: they still require some wires to get your phone juiced up.

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