Destiny 2 PC System Specs Revealed, Beta Dated


Destiny 2 PC System Specs Revealed, Beta Dated

In the weeks to come, expect us to sound off again with more details on how you can get the most out of your first steps in the PC build. Today, we wanted to let you know when the exercise will begin, and give you enough time - assuming you'll even need it - to build the perfect rig.

We're looking so forward to hosting you for this crucial testing op.

Dying Light released waaay back at the beginning of 2015. In addition, for a short time opened a social centre with chickens and football.

Hopefully we still get an Old Blood-style expansion too. The manufacturer apparently discovered a process to integrate arc-energy and liquid-cooled ammunition that can be fired as a linear beam that deals massive damage to a target.

Finally, Bungie has introduced the system requirements. One of their latest promotions involves a pre-order bonus that included player emotes, Ghost shells, more in-game treats, and a new exotic weapon. Beta access is open to players on Blizzard's app. What will those racing games think of next?

But transforming Shelob from a bulbous spider into a pale-skinned lady who looks oddly similar to Milla Jovovich? It's a free country after all.

"So basically, since we launched the game, we've faced new online challenges".

At Bungie's event earlier in the year, the game was shown running at 4K/60fps on a system featuring an Intel Core i7-7700K and a GTX 1080Ti. The beta opened up early for Xbox One and Playstation 4 players on July 19, and ran all the way through July 23.

The reality is that the Ghost specs were inflated and the game did not require 6GB of RAM to operate. However, Bungie quickly stepped in to clear any confusion that might have been caused by their promotional video. At this point, we are all familiar with Homecoming, the first mission in Destiny 2. No game inside. A disaster to the end.



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